21 August 2010

Wind Surf, 24 May 2009

Wind Surf

Built 1989, Atelier et Chantiers du Havre, France
Tonnage 14 745 GT
Length 187 m
Width 20 m
Draugth 5 m
347 passengers
Diesels, combined 9 120 kW
2 propellers
1 bow thruster
1 stern thruster
5 masts, 7 computer-controlled sails
Total sail area 2 500 square metres

Wind Surf is a product of the 1980s sail-cruising fad. She was originally ordered by Windstar Cruises with the intended name Wind Surf, but when Holland America Line purchased Windstar Cruises in 1988 the company decided not to continue with the construction of the Wind Surf and her sister Wind Saga. To complete the already under construction ships the French goverment arranged for them to be completed for the French leisure company Club Med as the Club Med 1 and Club Med 2, respectively. Club Med 1 was completed in 1989 and spent the next nine years sailing for Club Med. In 1998 Windstar Cruises had a change of heart about the ship, purchased her and renamed her with her planned original name Wind Surf. Since then she has remained in service with Windstar (her sister still sails as Club Med 2 for Club Med).

While she looks very chic when sailing under full sail, the Wind Surf isn't one of the most attractive ships around once her sails are furled. With her high sides, low-placed bridge and lack of co-ordination with the various superstructure elements she looks almost like an incomplete east block -built ferry with additional superstructure and some masts added as an afterthought.

Wind Surf at Monte Carlo roads on 24 May 2009. Photographed from onboard MSC Sinfonia. Click on the image to view full size.

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