09 August 2010

Superstar interiors, 13 February 2010


IMO 9365398
Built 2008, Fincantieri Ancona, Italy
Tonnage 36 400 GT
Length 175,10 m
Width 27,60 m
Draft 7,00 m
Ice class 1A
2 080 passengers
520 berths
665 cars
1 930 lanemeters
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 50 400 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 27,5 knots

's interiors are, like her exterior, something of a departure from the style of their other newbuildings. The interior design was apparently trusted to the designers of Fincantieri, which resulted in not only stylings that offer a departure from the company's previous newbuildings, but also nomenclature that's different as Superstar's public spaces bear names with heavy italian connections.

Photographs taken on 13 February 2010 during a crossing from Tallinn to Helsinki. Click on the image(s) to view full size.

Dolce Vita, the three-deck high forward lounge, offers impressive views over the bow of the ship.
Dolce Vita photographed from the topmost level. The stage in the middle of the lounge was not used at all during this crossing.
Pizza Roma on Deck 8, aft of Dolce Vita.
Further aft of Pizza Roma there's the sitting area for the fast food restaurant Presto and Ice Cream Bar Pinocchio.
Adjacent to the previous is cafeteria Sardinia.
Right in the aft of deck 8 (extending up to deck 9) is another bar with impressive views, Da Vinci.
Another view of the Da Vinci, with the chairs and tables giving the impression of an outdoor space.
The not-so-sunny sundeck and funnel on deck 9.
The outdoor Sole bar on deck 9 did not live up to it's name on a February crossing. Unless of course the name was intended as the English "sole" rather than the Italian "sole". :P


  1. Tero Söderholm11 August, 2010 00:16

    Very prof shots !
    I myself was very impressed about interiors of this ship, allthoug beeing handicapped on my return from Mustamäki hospital in the beginning of July...I wasn't able to look around so much.
    But that is another story.

    About outlooking.....well some may like it, some may not !

  2. Thank you! The photos turned out surprisingly well, considering they were taken with equipment not entirely suited for indoor photography and no tripod or other support. Though the harsh February light meant the originals were blue-tinted and I had to adjust the colours to get something more natural out of them.

    Superstar's interiors are indeed very impressive. Personally I prefer the 70's-esque retro stylings of Star and XPRS, but Superstar is never the less very good-looking and impressive. As for the exterior, I've actually grown to like the colour scheme. The boxy shape of the ship is a different matter though...

  3. It is not only the camera, that makes a good photo ! Camera is only just the first step.

  4. Of course. But especially when photographing interiors equipment not suited for the job can hinder even the best photographer.