14 August 2010

Superstar, 13 August 2010


IMO 9365398
Built 2008, Fincantieri Ancona, Italy
Tonnage 36 400 GT
Length 175,10 m
Width 27,60 m
Draugth 7,00 m
Ice class 1A
2 080 passengers
520 berths
665 cars
1 930 lanemeters
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 50 400 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 27,5 knots

As noted previously, Superstar is a member of the Moby Wonder -class developed by Fincantieri for Moby Lines (although the first two members of the class were built by Daewoo in South Korea). Apart from her eyecathing livery, Superstar mostly differs from her sisters with the shape of her funnel; the Moby sisters have a much more streamlined design. The funnel of the Superstar rather looks like the funnel of the Moby ships placed backwards. On their most recent Finnish-built ships (the Galaxy-class and Star) Tallink have had a uniform (and quite stylish) funnel design. Personally I find it odd that this design was not carried on to the Superstar, especially as her funnel was designs was changed from the class template. That said, the Superstar's funnel does look better, with the front of the funnel being raked in the same angle as the forward superstructure.

As for the Superstar's livery, it seems she was originally planned to have a more conventional look. Apparently Fincantieri retain a builder's model of her, painted in all-white livery with blue water-splash -like patterns in place of the orange swirls of the real livery. Initial artists' impressions of the Star had a similar livery, so it does seem possible the original planned livery for these ships was quite different from the final one.

Superstar departing Helsinki Länsisatama (West Harbour) on 13 August 2010. Click on the image(s) to view full size.

Shortly after departure, with bow of the Star Princess visible on the left.
Passing Pihlajasaari, with the funnel cathing the rays on the sun nicely.
Heading south towards Tallinn for yet another 2-hour crossing.

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