24 April 2012

Silja Festival in Stockholm, 26 February 2012

Silja Festival

IMO 8306498
Previous name: Wellamo
Built 1986, Wärtsilä Marine Helsinki, Finland
Tonnage 34 417 GT
Length 168,00 m
Width 27,60 m
Draught 6,50 m
Ice class 1 A Super
1 886 passengers
1 937 berths
300 cars or 60 trailers
4 Wärtsilä-SEMT-Pielstick diesels, combined 26 200 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
1 stern thruster
Speed 22 knots

The Silja Festival has of course been featured on this blog before (in rather fine images too, I might add) and there is a fairly detailed account on her history on the first entry about her. However, while the previous entries are older pics that show the ship in her final Silja Line livery, the recent ones here show her in the current Tallink livery which is not one of the best the ship has ever carried. So yes, the Silja Festival arriving at Stockholm's Frihamnen on the morning of 26 February, photographed from onboard the Silja Symphony. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

Inbound with Lidingö in the background on the right. Notice the large amount of frozen ice on the side of the superstructure.
The all-white funnel doesn't suit the ship in my opinion (then again, I'm generally quite aversed to white funnels). Obviously it can't be painted blue like in the Silja days as that would obscure the blue part of the Tallink funnel symbol, but they could paint the top and bottom of the funnel blue and keep a white stripe on which the funnel symbol would appear - that would look much better in my opinion.
As you can probably see, these images have been given a similar treatment as yesterday's Victoria I photos, with the ship on a different layer from the background to make her stand up better from the background (the lighting conditions were far from ideal).


  1. It is a very nice design on the exterior. When I last visited it myself the inside was a bit of a disappointment, but this was several years ago and I understand the interiors have since been refitted.