07 October 2011

Superstar in Helsinki, 3 August 2011


IMO 9365398
Built 2008, Fincantieri Ancona, Italy
Tonnage 36 400 GT
Length 175,10 m
Width 27,60 m
Draugth 7,00 m
Ice class 1A
2 080 passengers
520 berths
665 cars
1 930 lanemeters
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 50 400 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 27,5 knots

Yes, another Superstar entry. Bear with me, I promise you'll find these photos interesting.

Last August I spent quite a lot of time looking though the website of the fabulous Søren Lund Hviid (paxpix.dk) and inspired by his work I decided to try a less ship-documenting and more atmospheric approach. Sisä-Hattu, which I have visited quite often recently for ship photographing purposes proved quite ideal for this as the island has very nice vegetation and neat rocky shores. And the Superstar was a more than suitable test subject, as if the pics of her turned out to be rubbish it wouldn't be much of a loss. But I'll let you judge for yourself if this was the case or not.

Superstar departing Helsinki West Harbour on 3 August 2011. Click on the individual images to see in larger size.

Superstar from between the trees. I didn't notice them when photographing, but there were a lot of small insects haging arund between the trees that make the image look a bit dirty, particular in the higher resolution.
This one doesn't really need a caption, does it?


  1. Nice shots, much better than those You took in 23rd June.
    Why are these better ???

    It is those frames you put around Superstar. Really more athmospheric approach.
    If there is only blue sea surrounding the ship, it could be taken anywhere by anyone. You can't tell the difference between many other similar photos.
    But those frames of nature make these unique and You can see at a glance that "those are the photos I took from Sisä-Hattu"
    Nice !


    Why do You say it is less ship-documenting ?

  2. I wouldn't nescessarily say these are better than the 23 June ones, particularly as those too have more than just blue sea surrounding the ship. But certainly the "framing" is much more intensive here.

    Ship-documenting was perhaps a poor choice of term on my part. What I meant was that these images concentrate more on the, hmm, artictic values of the photo and less on simply documenting what the ship looks like.