27 October 2011

Costa Luminosa in Helsinki, 3 August 2011

Costa Luminosa

IMO 9398905
Built 2009, Fincantieri Marghera, Italy
Tonnage 92 700 GT
Length 294,00 m
Width 32,25 m
Draugth 8,00 m
2 260 passengers
6 MaK diesels, combined 64 000 kW
2 azipods (?)
3 bow thrusters
Speed 21,6 knots

Costa Luminosa (again) departing from Helsinki West Harbour (again), photographed from Sisä-Hattu (again). Never the less, I think you people will like these images (I know for certain that Tero will). Click on the individual images to see them in larger size.

Maybe it's the fact that it's a Costa ship, but to me this image looks like it could be from the Mediterranean, not late-summery Helsinki (of course, the Baltic Princess in the background gives the truth away).
Why should the ship always be the centerpiece? In actual fact, this one to me looks like it could be from a cruise line's promotional brochure.
Bulrushes, very nautical.
More bulrushes and a finnish granite beach, sculpted by centuries of ice. Okay, I'm starting to sound like a travel advertisement for Finland. I'll stop now.
That tree is just fantastically shaped to give backdrops (or father, frontdrops) for photography.


  1. Kalle, You really surprise me, in a very positive way !
    I'm really very pleased that You have accepted some advise I have given to You .
    I'm not saying that my advise (or my way of photographing) is the best way of taking ship photos ( or whatever the objects are ), but now those photos by You, taken from Sisä-Hattu, are INDIVIDUAL and uniques !

    Once again, thanks for Your GOOD photos.

    Yours Tero

  2. Hi Kalle,

    Have been surfing through your block and really like the pics that I have seen. Reminds me of the time when I lived in Helsinki. What a great city to photograph ships!