12 October 2010

Gabriella interiors, 30 September-2 October 2010


IMO 8917601
Built 1992, Brodogradiliste Split, Croatia
Tonnage 35 492 GT
Length 171,50 m
Width 28,20 m
Draught 6,25 m
2 420 passengers
2 402 berths
400 cars
900 lane metres
4 Pielstick diesels, combined 23 760 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 21,5 knots

Interior pictures from Viking Line's Gabriella, taken during a Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki mini-cruise between 30 august and 2 September 2010. Click on the individual images to view full size.

Deck 12 houses the navigation bridge and the sundeck.

Sundeck on deck 12, facing aft. Viking Line's Stockholm-Mariehamn cruise ship Viking Cinderella is partially visible to the left of the Gabriella's funnel. Photographed in Stockholm on 1 October 2010.
Sundeck on deck 12, facing forward. Photographed in Stockholm on 1 October 2010.

Deck 11 houses a forward observation deck and luxury cabins (both inside and outside, with balconies).

Deck 10 houses the conference rooms, crew spaces and the upper level of Sky Club & Café (accessible from deck 9).

Entrance lobby of the conference rooms. Photographed on 1 October 2010.

Deck 9 houses cabins, crew spaces, Sky Club and Café alongside a sundeck in the aft of the ship.

Artwork in the forward staircase, photographed looking down from deck 9. Photo taken on 30 September 2010.
Artwork in the aft staircase, photographed looking down from deck 9. Photo taken on 30 September 2010.
The upper level of Sky Club & Café. Originally a discotheque, this space was rebuilt in 2008 into a multipurpose space when the original cefeteria on deck 7 was eliminated in favour of expanding the tax free shop. Now the space acts as a cafeteria during the day, a karaoke bar during the everning and disco during the night. Photo taken on 30 September 2010.
Sky Club & Café, looking down from the upper level to the main level. Photo taken on 30 September 2010.
Sundeck at the aft of deck 9. The structure on the right is the Sky Club & Café. The person standing on deck is Mrs Id. Photographed in the morning of 2 October 2010.

Deck 8 is the main public spaces deck, housing the Buffet, Ella's and Food Garden restaurants, Tapas & Wine Bar, the pub, the Fun Club day & night club as well as the casino.

Buffet Viking is the ship's largest restaurant, housing up to 460 people. Photo taken on 1 October 2010.
Buffet Viking, facing forward. Photo taken on 1 October 2010.
Stair lobby on deck 8, aft of the Buffet (the entrace of which is visible on the left). Taken on 1 October 2010.
Arcade on the starboard side of the ship, facing aft. Photographed on 1 October 2010.
Ella's restaurant, facing aft and port from the arcade. Ella's is named after the Ellen Eklund, the wife of captain Gunnar Eklund. Captain Eklund was the founder of both Rederi Ab Vikinglinjen and Rederi Ab Ålandsfärjan, two of the three founder companies of Viking Line. The -ella suffixed names in Viking Line fleet also honour mrs Eklund. Photographed on 30 September 2010.
Another shot of Ella's, facing port of the Arcade. 30 September 2010.
Captain's Corner pub. The ceiling panels are faux glass murals reproducing ocean liner advertisement posters from the 1st half of the 20th century - most of them german, a throwback to the ship's origin on Euroway's Sweden-Germany service. 1 October 2010.
Another shot of Captain's Corner, facing forward. 1 October 2010.
Bonus image of the Fun Club I discovered in December 2011 that I had uploaded to Picasa but not included in the entry originally. 30 September 2010.
The bar on the forward part of Fun Club. 30 September 2010.
Dancing is what the dance floor is for. Fun Club, 30 September 2010.
Fun Club facing aft. 30 September 2010.
One more shot of the Fun Club's dance floor. 1 October 2010.

Deck 7 houses cabins, the main entrace, children's playroom, the information booth and the tax-free shop.

Entrace lobby on deck 7, facing port towards the information booth. 1 October 2010.
The new part of the tax free shop added in 2008. To make way for the extension, the old separate perfymery and the rather neat (but small) old cafeteria were eliminated. 1 October 2010.

Deck 6 houses the sauna, cabins and a video game room.

Video game room (or is it game arcade?), with the wife of the photographer having a go on a rally game. 1 October 2010.

Deck 5 houses cabins and the secondary entrace.

Entrance lobby, facing starboard. 30 September 2010.
Entrance lobby, facing port (the port entrace is used when calling at Mariehamn during the night). 30 September 2010.
An A4-class cabin. 2 October 2010.
A B4-class cabin. 1 October 2010.

 Deck 4 is the upper level of the car deck (a hoistable mezzanine deck for cars).

Deck 3 is the main level of the car deck.

Deck 2 houses cabins and the engine room.

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