29 October 2010

Bore, 10 October 2010


IMO 5048485
Built 1960, Oskarshamns varv, Sweden
Tonnage 4 295 GT
Length 99,83 m
Width 15,28 m
Draugth 5,25 m
Ice class 1A
245 passengers
2 Wärtsilä-Vaasa diesels, combined 3 240 kW
1 propeller
1 bow thruster
Speed 17 knots

Bore is of course the same ship as the Kristina Regina (see the entires for that ship for a full history). After being withdrawn from service with Kristina Cruises the ship has been sold to Oy S/S Borea Ab, returned to her original Steamship Company Bore livery and her original name Bore. She is now permanently moored in her original home port Turku as a floating hotel.

Photographs below show the Bore at her permanent mooring spot on the south bank of river Aura in Turku on the evening of 10 October 2010. Click on the individual images to view full size.

So many different preservered ships along the banks of the Aura river it was very difficult trying to get a good, clean shot of the ship.
The ship's current exterior is in fact slightly ahistorical - she never carried that exact same livery in that exact same construction. But then again, preserving historical artifacts should never be about only preserving the original but preserving the entire history.
The Bore/Kristina Regina has always looked more impressive from the aft in my opinion. This photo is no exception.

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