06 March 2017

Megastar in Helsinki, 4 March 2017

As promised, today we shall be looking at the Megastar. For those interested in not only looking at my photos but also reading more about the ship, the article I wrote about her for Cruise Business Review's most recent issue can be read online (as can the entire magazine) for free behind this link. (the Megastar article is on pages 53-60).


IMO 9773064
Built 2017, Meyer Turku, Finland
Tonnage 49 134 GT
Length 212,10 metres
Width 30,60 metres
Draught 7,00 metres
2 824 passengers
188 cabin berths
800 cars (if no freight units carried) or
320 cars and 110 freight units
3 653 lane metres
5 Wärtsilä LNG/diesel hybrid engines, combined 45 600 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
2 stern thrusters
Service speed 27 knots
Ice class 1A

As there's very little to say about the Megastar's history, I think it best we go straight to the images. These show the Megastar departing Helsinki Länsisatama (West Harbour) on the afternoon of 4 March 2017, photographed from Vattuniemi. As always, you can see the photos in larger size by clicking on them.

The Megastar looks quite okay when viewed from the front... but as we discussed with my friend and collaborator Bruce Peter, she does look like the wasn't given the final designer touch that would make for a truly beautiful ship.
The sun refused to shine on the ship, but it made for good photos never the less.
And the few remnants of the near-nonexistant sea ice of this winter made for a decent foreground.
Alas, seen from the rear the ship isn't particularly attractive - a situation made worse by the sloppy design of the livery in that part.
Dramatic background.
Sisä-Hattu, my usual favourite photo location, was turned into a foreground object this time around.
Kships will return.

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