18 September 2015

New book: Tallink – The First 25 Years

Tallink – The First 25 Years covers Tallink's first quarter of a century not only in text but also multiple high-quality images.

Tallink – The First 25 Years, my second book, was published last month by Ferry Publications (which makes the title a bit of a misnomer, as the book came out during Tallink's 26th year of existance, but let's not get too caught up in the details). It takes a detailed look at the history of Tallink, from humble beginnings as a Finnish-Soviet joint venture to the present, when Tallink Grupp is not only one of the largest companies in Estonia but also one of the leading ferry operators in the World.

The book is illustrated by photographs from some of the top ship photographers in the world - including myself, naturally. :P
In addition to exploring the history of Tallink in detail, the book takes a closer look at the history of passenger services to and from Estonia before the establishment of Tallink, and their cultural impact. Also included is a chapter dedicated to the history of Estline, best known as the owners of the ill-fated Tallinn-Stockholm ferry Estonia, as their passenger operations were absorbed by Tallink in 2000.

The 128-page book is available at well-stocked bookstores, and can also be purchased directly from the publishers via this link.