23 May 2013

Brahe in Helsinki, 14 May 2013


IMO 5345065
Name history: USS PCE 830, HMS Kilchernan, Sunnhordland, Kristina Brahe, Brahe
Built 1943, Pullmann Standard Car Manufacturing Co. Chicago, United States
Tonnage 1 105 GT
Length 56,49 m
Width 10,09 m
Draught 2,80 m
200 passengers
110 berths
2 Caterpillar diesels, combined 1 735 kW
Speed 14 knots

For a history of the Brahe, see the previous entry on her. This year marks her 70th anniversary since she was built in Chigago during World War II. The small escort has come a long way since then.

The photographs below show the Brahe departing Helsinki South Harbour on the afternoon of 14 May 2013, photographed from Kaivopuisto. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

The Brahe passing out of the harbour basin with Helsinki's best-known landmark, the Mariella, in the background.
A neat little thing. I had to take a ton of photos as ships rarely use this particular route when outbound from the harbour.
The delightful little building on Klippan makes a neat backdrop...
...twice during the same session.
Standard aft view.
Two veritable old timers in one photo: The Brahe (1943) and in the background the Suokki (1952).
The waymarker really makes this shot!


  1. Very good to know about it. Really this week i asked me here is Brahe and Regina now, when i saw Kristina Katarina in Lisbon.

    1. Glad to have been able to help! The ex-Kristina Regina is now laid up in Turku as a museum and hotel ship. For photos, check here: http://kships.blogspot.fi/search/label/Bore