01 January 2013

Star in Helsinki, 14 December 2012

It's now the beginning of a new year... and it should be a year that will prove interesting, with the new Wasa Express and Viking Grace entering service on the Baltic Sea; and the Stavangerfjord and Bergensfjord on the North Sea. The first two will definately be covered in this blog in some detail, and if all goes well so will the new Fjord Line ships.

But returning to the subject of the Old Year for a moment, yesterday saw the publications of Ulkomatala's last issue of 2012, dealing with such varied subjects as the new Finlandia, the histories of the Nordlandia and the new Wasa Express, and the state-owned shipping companies Algérie Ferries, COTUNAV and Polferries. Alas, as always the magazine is only available in Finnish. Those of you fortunate enough to read my native language can check out the lastest UM issue here.

But now, onwards to the point of this entry and the only published photo of the Star taken by me during the 2012.


IMO 9364722
Built 2007, Aker Finnyards Helsinki, Finland
Tonnage 36 250 GT
Length 186,00 m
Width 27,70 m
Draugth 6,50 m
Ice class 1A
1 900 passengers
520 berths
450 cars
1 981 lanemeters
4 MaK diesels, combined 48 000 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
1 stern thruster
Speed 27,7 knots

There is very little to say about the Star that wouldn't have been covered in the previous entries about her; particularly as there's very little really to say about her, at least historywise. The photographs below show the Star in Helsinki West Harbour on the afternoon of 14 December 2012 shortly after arriving from Tallinn.

Although this looks foggy, it wasn't taken in the fog but while there was quite heavy snowfall. Also notice the rear ramp in the process of opening.

Next time: Perhaps I'd better make any promises as it'll be another trip to the archives.

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