16 September 2011

Gemini in Helsinki, 6 July 2011


IMO 9000687
Previous names: Crown Jewel, Cunard Crown Jewel, Superstar Gemini, Vision Star
Built 1992, Union Naval de Levante Valencia, Spain
Tonnage 19 093 GT
Length 163,81 m
Width 22,50 m
Draugth 5,40 m
940 passengers
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 12 945 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 17,5 knots

For a detailed history of the Gemini, see last week's entry on her. I apologise for posting two entries about the same ship in such short sequence - I'm trying to maintain a chronological order on the photos I've taken this summer. Unlike most of the photographs features on this blog, that have been taken with a Canon EOS 350D camera (in digital camera terms an antiqiety), these have been taken with an EOS 7D my friend was kind enough to lend to me while my own camera was misbehaving. In my opinion at least the image quality is much improved.

Gemini passing through the Kustaanmiekka strait on 6 July 2011. Photographed from the ramparts at Kustaanmiekka. Click on the individual images to see in larger size and in Blogger's nifty new slideshow (which they implemented without giving any notice of the change. Good job!).

Inbound to the Kustaanmiekka strait.
A fairly dynamic show in the strait itself. I find this view rather flatters the ship's fine lines.
Clearing the strait...
...and onwards to the open sea.

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