22 August 2011

Nordlandia in Helsinki, 23 June 2011


IMO 7928811
Former names: Olau Hollandia, Nord Gotlandia
Built 1981, AG Weser Seebeckswerft, Bremerhaven, West Germany
Tonnage 21 473 GT
Length 153,40 m
Width 24,70 m
Draugth 8,80 m
Ice class 1A
2 048 passengers
938 berths
450 cars or 42 trucks
4 Pielstick diesels, combined 15 300 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 20 knots

For a very short history of the Nordlandia, see the first entry on her.

The photographs below show the Nordlandia arriving in Helsinki West Harbour on the evening on 23 June, sporting the new livery applied in spring 2011. Her being given a new livery means that at the moment at least all Eckerö Line ships are running with different liveries; the Eckerö still carries the traditional livery, while the Translandia has a livery similar to the one Stena Line had before they changed over to the one they're using now (in other words, the livery carried by the Stena Jutlandica in this entry - naturally with a yellow stripe on the hull instead of red). Despite the fact the Nordlandia has been given a stylish new coat of paint, Eckerö Line are reportedly actively looking for a newer ship to replace her on the Helsinki-Tallinn run.

Photographs taken from Sisä-Hattu. Click on the image(s) to see in larger size.

There she is, coming in from the distance... looking perhaps a bit overtly Finnish still, but at least there are no more embarrassing slogans painted on the forward superstructure.
Seriously though, I think the new livery is amazing. It doesn't clash with the ship's form at all, yet it makes it look much better. The forward superstructure looks particularly neat... reminds me of decorations on old trams and buses (okay, maybe those on a VW kleinbus too).
Passing Pihlajasaari.
This time when coming in the captain decided to turn the ship via the port side, which meant this is was the best aft view of the ship I could get. Still, especially with the new livery the fore is much more interesting anyway.
I love the contrast the red-sailed boat brings to this. I know the viewpoint of this photo is almost identical to the second from the top, but this just worked so well (but the above photo has a background bringing the ship better to front, hence my decision to include both).
Unsurprisingly, the starboard side looks pretty much the same as the port side. Still, what an amazing livery. It's slightly retro and as such it matches the ship so well, her being slightly retro in the general scheme of things too. Now if they'd only lose that Finnish flag from the hull. You have aflagpole for that, you know...

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