18 June 2011

Farväl, Fakta om Fartyg

Fakta om Fartyg, my all-time favourite ship information database website, has closed down due to technical difficulties. Which is a sad, sad thing as it was by far the best free information database related to ships that could be found online. I even learned to speak (or at least read) Swedish largely thanks to FoF. Thank you, Micke Asklander, for keeping up such a fabulous website for such a long time.

The closure of Fakta om Fartyg can also mean a reduction in factual accuracy of this blog, as FoF has been my primary source of information for the ship histories and technical data. Any tips on a comparable free information database would be much appriciated if I'm going to keep up the current level of factual accuracy for this place.

Igen, många tackar Micke!

Edit 20. 6. 2011: Thanks to the large-scalle support, herr Asklander is now planning on reopening his website.

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  1. Yeah, it's back up now, I remember I even learnt to speak/read a bit of Swedish myself, keep in mind I live in Australia! Mainly from Petra Marklund, the singer, though, but also FoF! Xarisha Hudson, Melbourne, Australia