18 July 2012

Viking Cinderella in Mariehamn, 24. June 2012

Viking Cinderella

IMO 8719188
Name history: Cinderella, Viking Cinderella
Built 1989, Wärtsilä Marine Turku, Finland
Tonnage 46 398 GT
Length 191,00 m
Width 29,00 m
Draught 6,74 m
2560 passengers
2500 berths
480 cars or 60 trucks (in cruise service parking space for 100 cars)
760 lanemeters
4 Sulzer diesels, combined 28 800 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 22 knots

For a surprisingly thorough history of the Viking Cinderella, see this previous entry. Viking Line CEO Mikael Backman has recently stated that the Cinderella will be "gracefied" in the future, with her at least her interiors freshened up. What the refit will actually hold remains to be seen - speculations are already having her top decks rebuilt to be similar to those of the upcoming Viking Grace and moving her to the Turku-Stockholm line in place of the Amorella. If we're lucky, the Viking Cinderella will be restored back to the red hull colour...

The photographs below show the Viking Cinderella departing from Mariehamn on the morning of 24. June 2012, taken during my midsummer visit to the city with Bruce Peter. More photos from this trip will be forthcoming. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

Peeking from behind the trees. Birch trees would have been more midsummery, but I guess pines will do, too.
Why is it that whenever you're in a good position to photograph the Cinderella it's always the port side and never the more imposing starboard side with the large panoramic window?
More trees (including dead ones). The white specks are swans, in case you were wondering.
Reflecting from the calm morning sea.
The same dead tree as above, but with a different point-of-view.


  1. Great pictures. Was curious to know which ships out of Stockholm have the best party atmosphere Tuesday-Thursday nights? I want to introduce myself to the Baltic Ferry cruising experience this summer. Was thinking Baltic Queen or Romantika tue-thu then Cinderella thu night. Or would it be better to do Cinderella, Birka, Galaxy , tue-fri respectively.? Looking for the most memorable onboard experience and best late night disco.. Also considering Gabriella but she seems a little unexciting

    1. Now that's a good question. From my personal experience I'd say the Cinderella is definately the best option, and if the ship's schedules allow I would also save her for last. The Cinderella-Birka-Galaxy -combo could be a good one, though from what I've heard the Birka caters for an older cliente, while the Galaxy is on the opposite end of the spectrum and can be quite rowdy.

      If you want a two-night cruise plus the Cinderella then I'd really recommend the Silja Serenade or Symphony instead of the Tallink ships. Based on what I've heard and experienced myself, the Stockholm-Tallinn ships are more sedate (particularly during the winter), whereas there is always some action going on onboard the Symphony and Serenade.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, I've taken onboard your advice for the Silja sisters . But I still couldn't come up with an itinerary that pleased me so I decided to try 4 boats on 2 different occasions. Victoria, BQ, Gabriella and Symphony. Did Cinderella last year, although there is no other experience like it , the time onboard is far too short. What's the party like on Gabriella mid week? I have been told the disco is in the Fun club after the band stops. Did a cruise on Amorella on a Friday last summer , and although quiet it held up well as a party boat with a decent atmosphere. The party pours into the Panorama disco later which is great. Why have Viking done away with the disco's on most their ships? Seems a real shame.

    1. I'm glad I could help.

      I agree that the Cinderella's cruises really are too short. A ship such as her really needs at least two nights onboard. The Gabriella in my experience is not the best party boat in the middle of the week - in part because there is no disco. The band plays until quite late in the Fun Club (and the music is the usual Baltic ferry style aimed at people over 50) and I've usually just given up and gone to sleep before the DJ actually starts.

      Since the 1990s Viking haven't really been very disco-friendly, the disco decor is uninspired and they just don't seem to care for the people who might go there. Compared with the rather splendid discos on Silja Line and Tallink ships, it is a real shame.