31 July 2012

Birger Jarl in Mariehamn, 24 June 2012

Birger Jarl

IMO 5044893
Name history: Birger Jarl, Bore Nord, Minisea, Baltic Star, Birger Jarl
Built 1953, Finnboda Varv Nacka, Sweden
Tonnage 3 564 GT
Length 92,50 m
Width 14,28 m
Draught 5,50 m
Ice class 1C
369 passengers
369 berths
1 MAN-B&W diesel, 2 795 kW
1 propeller
1 bow thruster
Speed 15,50 knots

Birger Jarl was named in honour of Birger Magnusson, the jarl (earl) of Sweden in the 13th century who is credited with consolidating the Swedish state and also expanding the Swedish rule into Finland. For a complete history of the ship, see this entry. For those interested in the person the ship is named after, start with Wikipedia.

The photographs below show the Birger Jarl departing Mariehamn on the morning of 24 June 2012. Click on the images to see in larger size.

Photographed from a slightly different vantage point than the preceeding images of the Viking Cinderella and Birka Paradise from the same morning. The relocation was suggetsed by my travelling companion Bruce Peter, though to be fair we would perhaps have gotten better photographs from the same place were photographed the other ships from.
The darker spots on the hull are presumably discoloration from the quayside or something.
Foreground vegetation and the Jarl showing her not that attractive added bits aft.
A bit of panoramica was needed.
Notice that there are no apertures for exhausts in the funnel - all exhausts are in fact routed through the pipe you see between the "funnel" and the aft mast.
Outbound, visible in the background on the left is Kobba Klintar, a former pilot station outside Mariehamn. It is relevant as the next photographs in the publishing pipeline were taken from there.

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