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An overview of books I have written or to which I have contributed, and information on where to buy them.

As primary author:

Innovation and Specialisation – The Story of Shipbuilding in Finland (2017)

This collaborative work with Bruce Peter details the history of Finnish shipbuilding, concentrating on the post-World War II era and the ship types that continue to be built in Finland today: ferries, cruise ships and icebreakers. As the title suggests, emphasis is on various innovative solutions devised by Finnish shipbuilders. Also discussed in detail is the importance of the Soviet Union in the development of Finnish shipbuilding, and the difficulties faced by Finnish shipbuilders after the fall of the Union.

328 pages. Available from Nautilus Forlag's webshop and well-stocked bookstores.

Tallink – The First 25 Years (2015)

Tallink – The First 25 Years takes a detailed look at the history of one of the leading ferry operators in the World today. Tallink was born in 1989 as a Finnish-Soviet joint venture, and underwent multiple changes of ownerships and even threat of bankruptcy before rising to the position it occupies today.

The book also includes a look at the history of passenger shipping to and from Estonia before the establishment of Tallink, and dedicates a chapter to the history of Estline, the passenger operations of which were absorbed by Tallink in the year 2000.

128 pages. Available from Ferry Publications' website and well-stocked bookstores. Limited edition.

Silja Line from De Samseglande to Tallink (2014)

My first book takes a detailed look at the history of one of the world's most prestigious ferry brands, Silja Line, and it's predecessors. While the Silja name was only taken into use in 1956, the company's original owners had already operated joint services between Finland and Sweden since 1904.

In addition to the story of Silja Line itself, the book takes a detailed look at the stories of its owners, their other operations and the ways in which these effected the development of the Silja brand. Worth mentioning here are the attempts to enter the international cruise trades during the 1980s and 1990s, which had disastroys results also for Silja Line. The book also includes a chapter detailing the history of Tallink prior to their 2006 acquisition of Silja Line.

156 pages. Full text in English, with a short precis in Finnish. Available from Ferry Publications' website and well-stocked bookstores.

As contributing author:

Ferries 2018 – British Isles and Northern Europe (2017)

The 13th publication of the (now-)annual look at car-passenger ferries in international services in Northern Europe, plus intra-British Isles ferries and cargo ferries to and from the British Isles, also features three articles; my contribution is an article about the history Silja Line, in honour of their 60th anniversary.

224 pages. Available from Ferry Publications' webshop and well-stocked bookstores.

Uudenkaupungin merihistoriallisen yhdistyksen vuosikirja 2015-2016 (2016)

The 2015-2016 yearbook of the Uusikaupunki Maritime Historical Society consists of nine articles on a variety of sea-related subjects. My contribution is a 16-page article on the story of the Lindblad Explorer, the first purpose-built expedition cruise ship, which was built at Uusikaupunki in 1969.

288 pages. Text in Finnish only. For purchase, inquire via the Uudenkaupunkin merihistoriallinen yhdistys website.

Perspectives on the History of Cruise Travel (2015)

The 2015 yearbook of the Forum Marinum Maritime Museum takes a look at the history cruise travel in the Finnish context. My contribution is a ten-page article on the (failed) attempts by the Finnish shipping companies Finnlines, Effoa and Silja Line to enter the international cruise trades between 1965 and 1980.

180 pages. Full text in Finnish, Swedish and English. Available from Trafiikki-museum webshop and from Forum Marinum. Limited edition.

Ferry & Cruise 2014

Ferry & Cruise was an annual Ferry Publications release specialising in passenger shipping. The 2014 edition included my 11-page article on the history of Tallink. This article has became largely superfluous thanks to the publication of Tallink – The First 25 Years, but due to the many other interesting articles contained within I do highly recommend the book.

128 pages. Available from Ferry Publications' website and well-stocked bookstores.

Other publications:

In addition to the books mentioned above, I am a regular contributor to various online and in-print publications both in English and in Finnish. Magazines and websites I have contibuted articles to include:

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