09 June 2017

Silja Symphony in Helsinki, 19 July 2016

This blog is not dead, though you could be forgiven for thinking so. I have been very busy for the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on my & Bruce Peter's magnum opus, Innovation and Specialisation: The Story of Shipbuilding in Finland. The concentration on that project also created an impressive backlog of work for other projects, and the blog was the loser in the struggle for my time. I have several interesting photo sets to post, including no less than three interior tours... but since I don't have time to edit those into publishable form right now, there are instead images of the Silja Symphony tasken from Vallisaari last summer; these are a set I edited for publication in another project, so they might as well go up here, too.

Silja Symphony

IMO 8803769
Built 1991, Kvaerner Masa-Yards Turku, Finland
Tonnage 58 377 GT
Length 203,03 m
Width 31,93 m
Draught 7,12 m
Ice class 1A Super
2 852 passengers
3 001 berths
410 cars
1 600 lane metres
4 Wärtsilä-Vasa diesels, combined 32 580 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
1 stern thruster
Speed 21 knots

So, the photos below show the Silja Symphony arriving at Helsinki in the morning of 19 July 2016, photographed from Vallisaari. As per the usual, click on the images to see them in larger size.

The no entry -bit of Vallisaari looks rather impressive indeed in the foreground.
This could be a cover for an updated version of Silja Line from De Samseglande to Tallink, if I ever have the chance to make one.
Impressive exterior design on thse sisters, even if the current style hull texts don't quite match the rest of the livery as well as the original.
Entering the Kustaanmiekka strait.