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Kships is a ship photo blog and also features occasional blog entries commenting on the comings and goings of the cruise & ferry industries. As in every blog, recent entries will appear in chronological order. To make accessing the photographs easier, there are two photo index pages: one for ferries and one for cruise ships. Presuming I've remembered to keep these up to date, they will include links to every entry in the blog with photographs. The other page has a similar list of ships that are neither ferries nor cruise ship, as well as a chronological list of all articles published in the blog.

As I'm actively photographing, the focus of this blog will probably be on the new potos. However, I have a backlog of thousands of photos ranging back to poor-quality pictures taken at the tender age of 11 in 1994. I'm plannig on uploading the more interesting ones of the older pictures as time permits.

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I am graduate from the University of Helsinki, majoring in general history (i.e. the history of everything except Finland and the Nordic Countries in our system) with maritime history, Asia-Pacific studies and communications as minor subjects. Previously I have also studied visual communications (photography, graphic design, drawing, painting).

I've been interested in seafaring and especially passenger shipping from an early age. Since my early teens I've occasionally photographed ships, albeit at the time with poor equipment. After working mostly with point-and-shoot cameras, around 2008 I finally invested in a digital SLR camera, namely a Canon EOS 350D.

In addition to this blog, I also contribute the Finnish-language Ulkomatala web-magazine and function as the Helsinki correspondent of Maritime Matters. In addition to those two sites, my photographs have been featured at Simplon Postcards, Kennyn laivakuvasivut, as well as the Laiva and Cruise Business Review magazines.

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Unless otherwise noted, all images featured on this website are copyright © Kalle Id and may not be reproduced in any form or context without my explicit written permission. If you wish to use the images featured on this website, please contact me via e-mail in the adress kalle.id [ät] gmail.com. I probably won't say no.

Whilst every effort made to ensure accuracy, there may be errors and ommissions in the various texts. All information in provided in good faith and I accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. If mistakes have been made, please contact me via e-mail.