14 June 2012

Silver Whisper in Helsinki, 6 June 2012

Silver Whisper

IMO 9192179
Built 2001, C.N. "Visentini" di Visentini Francesco & C. Donada, Italy (hull), T. Mariotti Genoa, Italy (outfitting)
Tonnage 28 258 GT
Length 186,00 m
Width 24,80 m
Draugth 6,00 m
400 passengers
2 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 11 474 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 20,5 knots

After posting the last entry about the Silver Whisper (I know it was a week ago, but I managed to take two good sets of images of the ship within a week so) something clicked in my head and I realised there is a link in the ship's name to Silver Line, a fictive shipping company in the long-running Swedish soap opera Rederiet (literally "The Shipping Company"). Rederiet was and is one of my all-time favourite TV shows. It chronicled the fortunes of the family-owned Swedish shipping company Dahlén (fictive of course) and the crew of their flagship Freja ("played" by the Birka Princess). Dahlén Line had many competitors over the run of the series, the by far most fun of which was Silver Line led by Pehr Silver (played by Peter Harryson). The company loosely modelled on Stena Line, though I don't know how much similarity there was between the fictive Pehr Silver and the real-life Sten A. Olsson. Anyway, the point of this obscure TV-series related rambling is that nowadays I'm always pronouncing the named of Silversea Cruises' ships in a heavy Swedish accent becuase, let's face it, with names like that they could be Silver Line ships. Except that Silver Line built theirs cheap in Poland, which Silversea didn't do.

But the photographs. Silvär Wispär photographed in Gustafssvärds sund after departing Helsingfors Södra Hamnen on the afternoon on 6 Juni 2012. Clicka på bilder för större format.

Cue the theme to Rederiet. I promise to stop about the series now.
My friend Olli suggested the spot for photos on this day and his choice was excellent. Even if we had to crawl through one of the windows in the ramparts to get there.
The photo looks very summery but it was actuatlly very cold. Gloved would have came in handy.
Nothing to add to this photo.

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