02 June 2012

Kristina Katarina in Helsinki, 29 May 2012

Kristina Katarina

IMO 7625811
Previous names: Konstantin Simonov, Francesca, The Iris
Built 1982, Stocznia Szczecinska im A. Warskiego Szczecin, Poland
Tonnage 12 688 GT
Length 138,00 m
Width 21,01 m
Draugth 5,60 m
450 passengers
4 Sulzer diesels, combined 12 779 kW
2 propellers
1 bow thruster
Speed 18 knot

For a brief history of the Kristina Katarina, see the first entry on her. On 29 May 2012 the Kristina Katarina arrived back home in Finland from her extensive winter cruise season, that took her as far as the Caribbean (becoming the first Finnish-flagged cruise ship to sail there). Unusually she arrived at 16.00, which gave the change to - for once - photograph a ship arriving in Helsinki South Harbour without the need to wake up ridiculously early. She was due to depart at 20.00 and it was my intention to also photograph her outbound passage through Kustaanmiekka - but alas, she departed an hour late by which time I had made the (wrong) decision to start heading home. I did manage to photograph her departure, but only got a handful of not that good images from the deck of the Tor.

Click on the images to see them in larger size.

As you can see, the lighting was not ideal for photographing the arrival - and the all-white cloud cover didn't help much.
That little lighthouse-thing is extremely pictoresque. Should try to take more images featuring it, really.
The white sky and light sea stop being a problem when you can frame the ship's superstructure in front of some trees.
A lot of the ship is obscured, yet I find this photo looks very good.
Passing a pilot boat - who, as my wife pointed out, looks very much like the red Angry Bird here. ;)
More in our series of "obscured but good".
Departing after nine. Has I stayed in Kustaanmiekka the photos would have undoubtedly been awesome - and I would have been home by 23.00 at earliest.


  1. Outstanding post


  2. Nice pictures! It really looks like a narrow route there :)

    1. It is narrow! Makes for delightful photo opportunities.

  3. The last image, in particular, is knock-out. I think you were best to move - the ramparts of Sveaborg would probably have kept the setting sun off the hull.

    1. I dare say you might be right. Still, the image might have been superior if taken from somewhere else than the deck of the Tor while at the Sveaborg ferry quay. Still, I'm certainly glad you approve.