17 February 2012

Viking Grace - the dawn of a new era of duller names

Now it is official - Viking Line's new ship will be named Viking Grace. The company that previously utilized the rather brilliant and unique naming scheme where ship names ended with -ella and even managed to make a company prefix name sound interesting with Viking XPRS has slid to the level of boring names favoured by most other shipping companies. And on top of that they chose a name with strong religious connotations. Not nescessarily the best choice for a ship that is primarily about fairly non-virtuous activities. I admit that as an atheist I also resent the name on a purely personal basis.

Of course, I will still go and sail on the ship. She's looking to become a wonderful - in all aspects except the name.

Not sure how graceful the ship is. Still, Viking Grace it is and while I can bitch and moan about it, that doesn't change the name. No matter how much I wish it would. Photo copyright Viking Line.
Finally, as pointed out by Timo Selkälä, Viking Grace is also the name of a line of women's boots. Research, Viking, ever heard of that? Even a simple Google search?

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