05 February 2013

Superstar in Helsinki, 23 January 2013


IMO 9365398
Built 2008, Fincantieri Ancona, Italy
Tonnage 36 400 GT
Length 175,10 m
Width 27,60 m
Draugth 7,00 m
Ice class 1A
2 080 passengers
520 berths
665 cars
1 930 lanemeters
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 50 400 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 27,5 knots

I just noticed, when looking at past entries featuring the Superstar, that the three previous entries of the ship have all featured her in a winterly setting. Well, we will continue on the same theme today.

The photographs below show the Superstar arriving in Helsinki West Harbour on the morning of 23 January. I photographed her from the deck of her sister ship Finlandia - the Finlandia had just departed and the Superstar was moving in to fill the quay vacated by the Finlandia. (The two ships sharing the same quay is a temporary arrangement while the quay normally used by Eckerö's ship is being rebuilt).

Click on the images to see in larger size.

A foggy winter's day is normally not the best weather for ship photography - but fortunately the Superstar stands out nicely from the background. (But notice how on all images her more traditionally painted radar mast blends into the background).
The two sisters met at quite high speeds, so I did not take quite as many pics I normally would have. But it was a good thing too, as it was cold outside.
Pihlajasaari, a normal background feature in West Harbour photos, seen from a slightly different point-of-view.
West Harbour calling.
While I've grown to like most of this design and even the livery, the rear of the ship just looks atrocious. And it's not even a practical arrangement as both sisters that I've been on vibrated quite at higher speeds. Not Finnjet-heavily but still noticeably.
Next time: Star.

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