21 February 2013

Amorella in Mariehamn, 15 February 2013


IMO 8601915
Built 1988, Brodogradiliste Split, Yugoslavia
Tonnage 35 384 GT
Length 169,40 m
Width 27,60 m
Draught 6,35 m
2 480 passengers
2 046 berths
350 cars
900 lane metres
4 Wärtsilä-Pielstick diesels, combined 23 760 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 21,5 knots

For a short history of the Amorella, see this earlier entry.

Following the delivery of the new Viking Grace, the Amorella was sailed to the Öresundsvarvet shipyard at Landskrona (Sweden) for an overhaul of her technical spaces and interiors. The the duration of the docking she was replaced by the Isabella, which handily was (and remains) without a job following the arrival of the Viking Grace. In addition to the changes to the insides of the ship, she also recieved the first change to her exterior during her lenghty career, with Viking Grace -style white decorative stripes added to her hull. It remains to be seen if these stripes will be a speciality of the Turku route of if they will be painted on all Viking ships.

The photographs below show the Amorella arriving at and departing from Mariehamn on 15 February 2013. Photographed from onboard the Viking Grace. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

As you can see, the weather was obviously far from ideal. But since these are my first photos featuring the Amorella in her new livery, I this a little grey sky is acceptable.
The livery is of course purely a matter of taste, but personally I quite like the added stripes. Also, I'm glad they didn't fully go the Viking Grace route and repaint the funnel all white; it's just so much better with red.
The Split shipyard did awesome work with the exterior design of the Amorella and her sisters I think.
Looks like the Amorella was passing the Grace, but in fact she's just about to turn in order to reverse to her quay.
Here we go...
About 20 minutes later, the Amorella departs...
...and sails onwards to Stockholm.
Next time: Baltic Princess (probably).

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