20 February 2018

Aidablu at Funchal, 20 January 2018

As it happens, I have photographed an Aidablu at Funchal before. But it was a different Aidablu from the one we are discussing today.


IMO 9398888
Built 2010, Meyer Werft Papenburg, Germany
Tonnage 71 304 GT
Length 251,89 m
Width 32,20 m
Draugth 7,20 m
2 050 passengers (lower berths)
2 500 passengers (all berths)
4 MaK diesels, combined 36 000 kW
2 azipods
2 bow thrusters
2 stern thusters
Service speed 19,5 knots
Maximum speed 21,8 knots

Not much to say about this particular Aidablu. She is a member of the ubiquituous Aidadiva-class (or Sphinx-class as it's also known), members of which seem to regularly visit Helsinki all the time during the summer season. However, encountering a members of the class in Funchal in January of course created additional interest in photographing her. The photos below show the ship arriving in Funchal on the afternoon of 20 January 2018, photographed from Santa Catarina Park. As always, click on the images to see them in larger size.

Surprisingly dramatic lighting, even though it's just regular sea and sun. Notice the pilot boat to the right of the ship.
The roof of the cruise terminal intruded in the shot.
The sun decided to hide behind a cloud as the ship was turning, so we're skipping forward a bit.
Can't have a photo set from Funchal without palm trees!
She actually came in to the quay on the land side and not the actual terminal.
Next time: Pride of Rotterdam at Gdansk, methinks.

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