02 October 2016

Isle of Arran interiors, 2 June 2016

In hindsight, it would have been smart to group my Scotland entries so that an entry on a ship's interiors follows immediately after an entry on the same ship's exteriors. Well, I didn't do it with the Isle of Arran, but there's still quite a lot of material left, so I can do it with some of the other ships.

Isle of Arran

IMO 8219554
Built 1984, Ferguson Ailsa Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tonnage 3 269 GT
Length 84,92 m
Width 16,24 m
Draught 3,20 m
652 passengers
62 cars
2 diesels
2 propellers
1 bow thruster
Speed 15 knots

For a history (and exterior images) of the Isle of Arran, see the first entry on the ship. The ship itself is an old and small thing, with only three public rooms all located on the same deck, so this will be fairly brief.

Deck 6 houses the navigation bridge.

Deck 5 has outer decks accessible for passengers and (presumably) crew spaces.

The forward outer deck offers nice views... with the passengers having somewhat different thoughts on the suitable attire for the weather.
The aft sun deck is much more sheltered, with superstructure forward and funnels on the sides keeping the wind out. But, of course, this also keeps the wind out.
Deck 4 is the deck with all the public rooms, plus kitchens aft.

There are two public rooms forward: a sitting lounge on the port side...
...and the Coffee Cabin starboard, where the servery also soubles as the ship's small shop.
Midships if the ship's Mariners restaurant, photographed here towards the bow and the connecting corridor to the lounges forward. The cafeteria-style servery area is (somewhat impractically) in a separate room aft of the main eatery space. (Overall, while I did like Calmac's ships and services onboard, the cafeteria serveries were hopelessly impractical for my Nordic sensibilities).
Deck 3 is the entrace deck, with some seating areas flanking the car deck.

Deck 2, then, is the main level of the car deck.

Kships will return.

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