09 March 2016

A look ahead

As the regular readers may have noticed, this blog hasn't been updated too frequently of the late. The simple reason for this is that I have been rather busy. Since January, I have started working as a regular contributor to Cruise Business Review, and a few weeks ago I received a research grant that will allow me to write a book on the history of Finnish shipbuilding that we have been planning together with my friend, the maritime historian Bruce Peter for some time. With these and my pre-existing commitments, there simply hasn't been time to maintain the one-per-week update schedule I have been aiming for (not always successfully).

And, as you maybe already figured out, this state of affairs is likely to continue. I have no intention of abandoning this blog, and there has been some talk with potential guest contributors, but at least for the time being you can expect the update schedule to remain sporadic at best. Thank you for understanding.


  1. Congratulations for Your new job.
    I have enjoyed this blog of Yours and I'm glad to hear that You are not abandoning us and giving us also something to wait for.
    I wish You and Bruce big success with Your new book to come !

    1. It's always nice to hear my work has been enjoyed. The book is shaping up nicely, but it is a huge undertaking... a lot of work still to be done!