28 July 2015

Disney Magic in Helsinki, 17 June 2015

Disney Magic

IMO 9126807
Built 1998, Fincantieri Venice, Italy
Tonnage 83 338 GT
Length 294,00 m
Width 32,25 m
Draft 7,90 m
3 325 passengers
5 Sulzer-Grandi Motori-Fincantieri diesels, combined 57 663 kW
2 propellers
3 bow thrusters
2 stern thrusters
Speed 21,5 knots

The Disney Magic has been featured in this blog before. There was very little to say about the ship's history back then, and the same trend continues today. She was built in 1998 as the very first ship of The Walt Disney Company's own cruise line (Disney had previously collaborated with other cruise lines), and continues in service for that company today. Comparisons between the photos of the ship in this entry and those from five years ago are interesting, however, as the ship underwent a major refit in 2013, including the addition of a large ducktail sponson.

The photos below show the Disney Magic departing from Helsinki Länsisatama on the afternoon of 17 June 2015, photographed from Vattuniemi. As per the usual, you can see the images in larger size by clicking on them.

The dark hull colour constrasts beautifully with the little sailing boats.
The black-sailed boat on the other hand was not quite as pictoresque. But I hope to see it again when white-hulled cruise ships visit.
I realise this is blasphemous, but I think the duck tail actually improves the ship's looks.
Trees and ships.
Next time: Viking Star

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