14 December 2012

Princess Maria in Helsinki, 14 December 2012

If you came here through a link with a previous picture you are probably thinking "didn't I just see a night photo of the Princess Maria in this same blog?". And indeed you did. However, since the last update (this morning, in fact) I got a new camera to replace my well-served but completely worn-out Canon EOS 350D. And of course I had to head out to test the new machine. So, the photographs below are the first taken by my new (well, second-hand) EOS 500D camera. If you compare the image quality to the old Princess Maria night photos, I think you'll agree it was a worthy investment.

Princess Maria

IMO 7911533
Name history: Finlandia, Queen of Scandinavia, Princess Maria
Built 1981 Wärtsilä Turku, Finland
Tonnage 34 093 GT
Length 168,05 m
Width 29 m
Draught 6,72 m
Ice class 1 A Super
1638 passengers
395 cars
4 Wärtsilä-Pielstick diesels, combined 22 948 kW
2 controllable pitch propellers
2 bow thrusters
1 sterns thruster
Speed 21,2 knots

Nothing really to say about the Princess Maria that wouldn't have been said in the previous entry. Still a strangely stylish ship on the outside and one of the best ferry cruise products I have seen on the inside. I really ought to sail on this ship again in the future (although that is a bit unlikely, with all the new ships and changes due in 2013 - I will probably have my year well and truly occupied with the new Viking Grace, the "new" Finlandia and Wasa Express and the new routes of the Baltic Princess and Silja Europa).

But yes, the photographs below show the Princess Maria at Länsiterminaali (West Terminal) at Helsinki's West Harbour in the afternoon (yes, afternoon, despite the lighting conditions) of 14 December 2012. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

Since it's a new camera and night photos are particularly difficult to edit afterwards, I did almost no changes to the originals the machine delivered. But just look at that precision!
A close-up from a slightly different point of view.
By the time I walked across the bay (and took some photos of the Baltic Princess before returning to the Princess Maria) it had started snowing; hence the fog-like atmosphere of the photo.
Next time: Baltic Princess


  1. Congratulations for Your new Canon and good shots You've taken with it. Nice Star-effects with the lights. Did You use some special filter or is it onlly the small apperture ?
    Ps. You have changed the outlook of Your block. Visually it is good, but I find that dark-blue background a bit difficult for my iPad and my old eyes... But that is my problem !

    Best regards, Tero S.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the photos. No filters were used except for a little added brightness and contrast, the star effect is purely the result of a 22 aperture and 30 second exposure time.

      Actually, I haven't changed the look of the blog, but now that you mention it the background doesn't look the way it's supposed to. I'll have to look into it.