20 October 2012

Seven Seas Voyager in Helsinki, 21 July 2012

Seven Seas Voyager

IMO 9247144
Built 2003, T. Mariotti Genoa, Italy
Tonnage 42 363 GT
Length 206,50 m
Width 28,80 m
Draugth 7,10 m
752 passengers
2 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 16 600 kW
2 azipods
2 bow thruster
Speed 20 knots

Returning back to normal programming from our foray into Autumn foliage photography, today's subject is what I think are probably my best photographs from this year, showing the Seven Seas Voyager departing from Helsinki South Harbour on 21 July.

I rather like the exterior design of the Seven Seas Voyager (or SSV, as I tend to abbreviate the name) for some reason - but despite this she has been featured on this blog just once before now. The SSV was built in 2003 to the same hull design as the company's previous newbuilding Seven Seas Mariner, but with a completely different superstructure. Externally the superstructure design actually bears strong resemblance to Silversea Cruises' first- and second-generation newbuildings. The SSV is Regent Seven Seas Cruises' last newbuilding to date, though the company are reportedly negotiating with shipyards about a further newbuilt ship.

Finally, before we go to the photographs, a little thought on the name of the company, Regent Seven Seas Cruises: the company was established in 1994 when Seven Seas Cruises and Radisson Diamond Cruises merged, and the post-merger company was named Radisson Seven Seas Cruises. In 2006 Radisson left the company and it was renamed to the current form as Regent Seven Seas Cruises. This begs the simple question of "why?" Sure, they had to get rid of the Radisson part, but why not then revert to the simpler and more elegent Seven Seas Cruises, instead of continuing with what is essentially cubersome double branding? Just a little food for thought, Prestige Cruise Holdings...

At this point it looked like this session was going to be another case of Sod's Law (aka the Suomenlinna Rule), with clouds appearing on an otherwise sunny day just as the ship sails past...
...but look at that! Absolutely superb lighting and a dramatic background to top it off.
Escorted out by pleasure boats. I'm thinking of turning this image into the new kships header, so watch the space on top of the page.
Yeah, the ship is a box. But it's a bloody good-looking box at that!
The traditional entering Kustaanmiekka Strait -shot.
Look at those colours and contrast! Unlike is the case normally, I didn't really need to alter the colour and contrast levels at all.
And a little photogenic tree there too.
This one isn't quite sharp when you look at it closely, but the nautical composition was too good to pass. On the very right adge of the image you can even see the Helsingin kasuuni (Helsinki caisson) lighthouse in the distance.
Next time: either Phoenix Reisen's Albatros or (if I'm feeling adventurous) the Finnish Navy's minelayer Hämemaa.

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