22 January 2012

Merilin in Helsinki, 24 September 2011

Before we start I would to remind all my Finnish readers that today is the day of our presidential elections and I would urge everyone to use their right to vote. As long as you don't vote for Timo Soini.

And now on to normal programming.


IMO 9194256
Former name: Cat No 1
Built 1999, Austal Shipyard Henderson, Australia
Tonnage 920 GT
Length 52,60 m
Width 13,30 m
Draught 1,50 m
411 passengers
4 MTU diesels, combined 9 280 kW
4 KaMeWa waterjets
Speed 40 knots

For a short history of the Merilin and her operator Linda Line, see the first entry on this vessel. Fast craft don't get much coverage in this blog and usually if I post images of them it's during the wintertime. The reason is that I find them somewhat boring and during the summertime, when there are loads of new and interesting images to post about cruise ships, it's easy to just skip the duller fast craft. So if you're into fast ferries, the winter is the season for you, at least as far as this blog is concerned.

The photographs below show the Merilin departing Helsinki South Harbour on 24 September 2011. Click on the images to see them in larger size.

Unfortunately this southerly shipping lane is too shallow and narrow for most ships sailing from the South Harbour, otherwise it would offer rather fantastic photo opportunities. And also did back in the 90's when ships sailing to Tallinn were old and small and the passenger terminal in the West Harbour was still to be built. Of course, I was too young to realise my good fortune at the time.
Suomenlinna in the background on the right, for once my photos feature it from a different direction.

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