27 December 2011

Public service announcement

Yesterday, when working on a bunch of very attractive photos I took of the Viking XPRS a few month ago, I noticed a problem with some of the older blog entries. As you may have observed, I have attempted to make all images in all entries such thatby clicking on the image displayed in the entry you can see a larger-size version, usually 800px on the long side. However, when looking at some of the older Viking XPRS entries I noticed the larger image now displays as only 512px on the long side.

After some looking around I discovered and in it's infinite wisdom Picasa has decided that all images I have posted on this blog prior to February 2011 now link to 512px versions of the images, instead of the 800px versions they originally did. Which means that to set things straight, I must edit every single image in all the 114 entries made before 1 February 2011 so that they'll link to the intended size.

So for the record: Picasa, I hate you and I wish I had had the good sense to use Photobucket or some other alternative for image hosting when I started this blog.

In any case, this problem will probably also mean there might not be a new entry any time soon as I will be concentrating on fixing the old ones.

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