31 March 2015

Variations of the Princess of Scandinavia

Making variations on ship's liveries using image editing programmes used to be a popular pastime for me back in the day (the most recent ones have been featured here already, of course). Thanks to the waste of time that is Facebook, I recently rediscovered a bunch of variations I did on DFDS' former Princess of Scandinavia around late 2006/early 2007. Since I seem to be too busy to make proper updates these days, I thought these would be a neat way to keep the blog active.

So, yes, the starting point for this is the Princess of Scandinavia, photographed in the port of Gothenburg on 6 October 2006. But what would she have looked like in the colours of Baltic Sea ferry operators sailing from Finland?

The original, a sexy ship in sexy DFDS "racing stripes" livery.
Silja Line colours, variation 1. I'm quite fond of the blue stripe on the hull, actually...
...but I also did a more traditional version. Which doesn't actually look as good if you ask me. I wonder why I didn't make a version with a blue funnel; it could have looked great.
Princessella. Silly name, and the livery doesn't really work that well. Maybe I should have gone with something more similar to the original livery. Or added a black window stripe somewhere.
This was the time when Tallink's lime livery was brand new. And I do still kinda like it - but this is clearly the most "this would never have happened anyway" of these variations. One of the 1990s Tallink liveries might actually have happened.

18 March 2015

Baltic Queen in Helsinki, 18 March 2015

As you may have noticed, this blog hasn't been updated very often recently. One of the reasons for this (apart from my being lazy) has been the fact that I've been putting finishing touches on my second book, tentatively titeled Tallink: The First 25 Years (though at this rate, it'll be out on Tallink's 26th anniversary at earliest). Obviously, Silja Line from De Samseglande to Tallink included a short look at the history of Tallink, but the new book takes a more detailed look at the history of Tallink, as well as the history of the Helsinki-Tallinn passenger services before Tallink, and the history of Estline (which was absorbed by Tallink in 2000). So, if all goes well, the new book will be with us later this year. Meanwhile, here are some photos relevant to the upcoming book, taken earlier today:

Baltic Queen

IMO 9443255
Built 2009, STX Europe Rauma, Finland
Tonnage 48 915 GT
Length 212,10 m
Width 29,00 m
Draught 6,42 m
Ice class 1A Super
2 800 passengers
2 500 berths
600 cars
1 130 lanemeters
4 Wärtsilä diesels, combined 32 000 kW
2 propellers
2 bow thrusters
Speed 24,5 knots

We've been experiencing some unseasonably warm and sunny days of the late, and with this in mind I decided to head to Vattuniemi for a spot of photography. The main attraction was the arrival of the Baltic Queen - despite the fact she has been sailing from Helsinki for over six months now, I haven't put any photos of her in Helsinki up here. This shall now be rectified.

As always, click on the images to see them in larger size.

The weather was beautiful.
And I have to admit I actually quite like the Baltic Queen (though I've never actually been onboard her). The Galaxy-class ships have a nice, unpretentious profile and the Baltic Queen has the best livery of the three - I especially like the orange bits.
Yeah, I didn't bother with too many closeups this time. Or more to the point, I did take them, but vetted them all out when choosing what to put up here - these all look so much nicer.
The white line on the sky is not the trail of an airplane, but rather a fisherman's line. Fishers tend to congregate at Vattuniemi this time of the year, which makes photography more challenging than normally.
No chance for rear-view photos this time... but let's admit, the aft is not the best angle of these ships anyway.
Next time: ...I think I'd better not make any promises.