31 March 2015

Variations of the Princess of Scandinavia

Making variations on ship's liveries using image editing programmes used to be a popular pastime for me back in the day (the most recent ones have been featured here already, of course). Thanks to the waste of time that is Facebook, I recently rediscovered a bunch of variations I did on DFDS' former Princess of Scandinavia around late 2006/early 2007. Since I seem to be too busy to make proper updates these days, I thought these would be a neat way to keep the blog active.

So, yes, the starting point for this is the Princess of Scandinavia, photographed in the port of Gothenburg on 6 October 2006. But what would she have looked like in the colours of Baltic Sea ferry operators sailing from Finland?

The original, a sexy ship in sexy DFDS "racing stripes" livery.
Silja Line colours, variation 1. I'm quite fond of the blue stripe on the hull, actually...
...but I also did a more traditional version. Which doesn't actually look as good if you ask me. I wonder why I didn't make a version with a blue funnel; it could have looked great.
Princessella. Silly name, and the livery doesn't really work that well. Maybe I should have gone with something more similar to the original livery. Or added a black window stripe somewhere.
This was the time when Tallink's lime livery was brand new. And I do still kinda like it - but this is clearly the most "this would never have happened anyway" of these variations. One of the 1990s Tallink liveries might actually have happened.

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